All about a CNC Drilling Machine

Lind SA Automation

Although not super complicated, there is an art and science behind producing excellent quality finished products utilizing a custom CNC drilling services; the behind-the-scenes action is interesting.


There are several types of drilling machines. Before getting into the operations of CNC drilling machines, you might be interested in knowing a bit more about the different types of machines that professionals use.

Upright sensitive drilling machine: this machine utilizes a belt drive spindle head. The material is fed into the machine by hand. The operator can better feel the action of the tool as it drills compare to other machines. There are 2 options, including a floor and bench style, both used for moderate to light-duty projects.


Upright drilling machine: This machine has a geared drive spindle head that performs the work. The primary difference between this and the sensitive drilling machine is that the work-piece is either hand fed or fed automatically. For larger holes, many firms depend on this machine.


Radial Arm drill press: the radial arm drill press is deemed a workhorse. Rather than drill holes by moving the work-piece to the tool, the operator positions the spindle directly over the work-piece. For improved flexibility, ease of operation, and drilling angular or intersecting holes utilizing one setup, this drill press features an automatic mechanism for lowering or raising the radial arm.


CNC Drilling Machine: Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) involves the operator inputting codes and commands sent to the machine. Based on those instructions, this machine performs the task to precise specifications.


Of the 3 types, CNC drilling machine is the best. It is safe and more accurate, versatile, proficient and affordable. On CNC drilling machines there is little hands-on work performed by the operator. Instead, this expert is in one area, providing the computer software with written code and commands. This information converts to a binary code, and then the instructions go to the machine. From there, the drilling machine begins operation, producing 100% accurate results.

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