Is moving to Cutting/Drilling Automation the right Move?

What Are The Advantages of Laser Cutting Technology

The advantages of moving over to automation manufacturing are bountiful in their profitability and time efficiency . Automation is a renowned topic with its affiliation to increased productivity and higher output .


Labour Shortage


Occupations that require highly skilled workers that need extensive training in order to be able to accomplish the task at hand can be expensive to employ and rare to find. In the manufacturing industry there is a deficit of workers that are able to perform labour that is necessary in factories , plants and sites. Switching to cutting/drilling automation offers you an answer that leaves no room for questions.


Worker Safety


Worker safety is very important for the overall wellbeing of your workers and safeguards against compensation costs and legal battles . Cutting/drilling automation systems remove the risk of hazardous accidents taking place as they remove workers from interactive contact with the machinery that could potentially pose several safety risks . Safeguarding workers against injury and harm is imperative because this ensures employee satisfaction and that they are not rendered debilitated due to incapacity to work caused by damage .


Product Quality and Accuracy


The products you manufacture will improve in quality. This is because with the automated system,  there is heightened precision which is due to less human error and the accuracy of an automated machine that has perfected a task . This happens when the task has been programmed into the machines memory and is repeated consecutively thus resulting in less variability than human workers. There is a dependable consistency of quality and control of the product .




The overall revenue of your business will increase because there will be a higher volume of production as the time required to complete production is significantly reduced. You also save on employee costs which includebenefits such as salaries, health care, sick days and other benefits . Your material costs will also decrease which can translate to thousands of rands per anum. It also allows you to maximize on valuable floor space.




The debate of whether automation or manual is the better option ends now. Quite frankly there is little to no competition and by merely listing the benefits of automation, I have allowed it to advocate for itself.

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