CNC drilling machine – Table type

ProArc Drill+1020, 1640 auto drill machine is an automatic, efficient and high performance CNC drilling machine.

It’s constituted by:

  1. IPC based CNC controller
  2. Servo Z-axis lifter
  3. Servo drill spindle
  4. Auto tool length detector
  5. Auto plate thickness measuring device

We make drilling process easy, friendly and prevent mis-opreation.

Connection plate for Steel Structure

CNC Drilling Machine – Table Type
CNC Drilling Machine – Table Type

CNC drilling machine, CNC ProArc Drill+ 1640S

  1. AC Servo Z axis lifter
    • Adopt ball screw feeding on Z axis with traveling speed 6,000 mm/min in 350mm stroke and is capable to support precise sequence control for primary, extremity and pecking process for auto drilling process.
  2. IPC based CNC controller
    • Unique and intuitive GUI with touch panel
  3. Build-in Drill+ CAM in the controller
    • Can read .dxf file and edit on job site directly
  4. Quick release tool exchange device
    • • Change tool in seconds
  5. Multi-task process
    • Multi-home position can be defined for different jobs and edit in one drilling process
  6. Auto plate thickness detector
    • Save measure time and keep accuracy
  7. Cross line laser point unit
    • Check position, support plate edge alignment and tech mode
  8. Teach mode
    • Learn parts with multiple drill points and capable to edit drilling process without drawing
  9. Auto tool length detector – one touch
    • Save measurement time and keep accuracy
Table sizemm1,000 x 2,0001,6400 x 4,000
Z lifter effective strokemm350350
Plate thicknessmm100100
Positioning accuracymm±0.1±0.1
Positioning speedm/min1616
Number of spindleset11~2
Spindle modelUnitDS-050DS-080
Drive motorhp1530
Drilling capacitymmØ6~50Ø6~80
Rotation speedrpm10 ~ 2,00010 ~ 2,000
Effective length※1mm215 ~ 375215 ~ 375
Shank-standard BT40-MT4BT50-MT4
Shank-tapping (option 1) BT40-TPM830※3BT50-TPM830※2
Shank-tapping (option 2) TPC830※3TPC830※3
Shank-indexible drills BT40-SLA-ODBT50-SLA-OD※4

※1 Effective length: From spindle nose-end to drills end

※2 Shank w/ tapping chuck

※3 Quick change tapping collets

※4 Shank w/ side lock holder

CNC Drilling Machine – Drill+166, 206

Electric chip conveyor

Chips are separated with coolant
Coolant can be recycled

CNC Drilling Machine – Drill+166, 206

Drill grinder

For Ø13~32 mm drills
Grinding shape: 165° ~ 180°

CNC Drilling Machine – Table Type

ATC – Automatic tool change

5 tools capacity
Support automatic working process

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