E. Z. Arc System (Bench-Top Automation)

The E.Z.Arc system is a combination of small positioners and turning rolls in a bench design.

There is a wide variety of components to create and customize your automatic welding system with minimal setup time.

The special capability and flexibility of the E.Z.Arc system will assist in producing high quality circumferential welds with the advantages of fast payback, safety, and less worker fatigue.

  1. Standard 38mm through-hole
  2. CE Conformity
  3. Remote foot switch – Run / Stop control
  4. High frequency protection
  5. Additional speed ranges available upon request.
  6. U-Type is a special design for 0~90° circumferential welding and can be used for weldments size up to max. 300 mmø with 300 mm L.
Fig. No.Part No.Description / SpecificationType
11106Base rail, 600mm long1*   
 1112Base rail, 1200mm long 1*1* 
 1115Base rail, 1500mm long    
 1118Base rail, 1800mm long    
 4095Main bracket   1
22050Mounting rail, 500mm long111 
 2065Mounting rail, 650mm long   1
32110End bracket111 
 2280End bracket   1
43075Column tube, 750mm long111 
 306490° column tube, 600mm x 400mm   1
52005Support bracket111 
 2004Support bracket   1
62054Cross bracket111 
 2044Cross bracket   1
73040Boom tube with mounting pad, 400mm long1111
8SL-050Slide, 50mm stroke2222
 SL-075Slide, 75 mm stroke    
9AH-035Any angle holder, Ø15-35mm    
 VH-035V-Block torch holder, Ø15-35mm1111
10IS-300Idler stand, Ø30-300mm 1  
11TS-075Tailstock, 75mm stroke  1 
 TS-075STailstock, 75 mm stroke   1
12PG-1503-Jaw chuck, OD 4-150mm (Centering adaptor incuded) 
 PG-450L3-Jaw chuck, OD 4-450mm (Centering adaptor incuded) 
 PG-5003-Jaw chuck, OD 4-500mm (Centering adaptor incuded) 
13TA-100Pneumatic torch actuator, 100mm stroke 
 TL-100Pneumatic torch lift, 22.5° lift angle 
14CB-001Standard control box 
 CB-001DDigital control box 
 CB-002Sequencer, start delay / overlap controlled by original sensor setting 
 CB-002DDigital sequencer, original sensor control 
 CB-007Sequencer, integrate pneumatic tailstock, torch lift and table rotation in process 
 CB-001VVariable speed remote control box 
 CB-001DVDigital variable speed remote control box 
 VSFC-1KVariable speed foot control 
151712WWelding table with wheels, 1200mm x 600mm 
 1715WWelding table with wheels, 1500mm x 600mm 
 1718WWelding table with wheels, 1800mm x 600mm 
1610-613Jig adaptors, 3 x 6.5mm Ø (P.C.D. 50mm) mounting hole with a 38.5mm Ø x 5mm (D) pilot hole 
※ Standard length, other length are available.
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