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Laser Cutting

Laser cutting is a thermal cutting process that uses a laser beam to cut various types of metal used mainly in industrial manufacturing operations.

The laser beam is created in the laser resonator, transported to the laser head (normally via an optic cable in the case of fibre laser) where the beam is then focused at a very high power on a very small diameter to melt the material.

The laser cutting machine would involve a motion control system (a CNC) to follow a G-Code pattern to be cut onto the material created from a nesting software package where single or multiple parts are placed onto a single sheet of metal to be cut.

High Quality Components

Laser Cutting Machines

Auto Loading & Unloading System

Auto Loading & Unloading System

Cutting Automation

Bolt Series (Superspeed 3Kw - 15Kw)

Fibre Plus Series (High Speed 3Kw - 12Kw)

Swing Series

Swing Series (1Kw - 3Kw)

Bull Series

Bull Series

Whirl Series

Whirl Series

3D Robot

3D-Robot System

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