Swing Series (1Kw - 3Kw)


  1. Sheet metal working and general steel fabrication on thinner materials up to 10 mm
  2. High accuracy
  3. Suitable for low to medium power laser power sources
  4. Suitable for a wide range of materials

Swing Series
Swing Series
Swing Series
Swing Series
  1. Faster production times and high accuracy
  2. Fast exchange table with increased change over times
  3. 100% duty cycle
  4. Depending on laser power source suitable for thinner materials
  5. CNC complete with cutting parameters and material databases
  6. Auto focus head with sealed beam
  7. Automatic gas assist system that automatically controls the flow and pressure of cutting gasses
  8. Low operating and maintenance cost
  9. Exchange table is low making loading and offloading of steel plates easier
  10. Small factory footprint
  11. Camera system monitoring inside of enclosure and exchange table
Cutting area (mm)3 000 x 1 5004 000 x 2 0006 000 x 2 000
Maximum acceleration1.1G1.8G1.8G
Travel speed (m/min)120130130
Accuracy (mm/m)+/- 0.05+/- 0.05+/- 0.05
Repeatability (mm)+/- 0.03+/- 0.03+/- 0.03
Camera systemStandardStandardStandard
Exchange tableStandardStandardStandard
Touch screen CNC in EnglishStandardStandardStandard
Cut charts and material databases programmed into CNCStandardStandardStandard
Auto gas assist systemStandardStandardStandard
Autofocus headStandardStandardStandard
Laser source optionIPG 0.8Kw / 1kw / 1.5kw / 2kw / 2.4kw / 3Kw / 4KwIPG 0.8Kw / 1kw / 1.5kw / 2kw / 2.4kw / 3Kw / 4KwIPG 0.8Kw / 1kw / 1.5kw / 2kw / 2.4kw / 3Kw / 4Kw

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