Why you should choose Lind SA Automation for all of your Cutting Automation Machines?

Lind SA Automation

With the advanced technologies that are continually invading and influencing our way of living, machinery that offers on-point precision is what everybody in the fabrication industry is looking for. At Lind SA Automation, we supply a sundry of quality cutting automation machines. If you are setting up your fabrication shop and looking for the right machinery, feel free to contact us.

We offer both laser and plasma and oxy-fuel cutting automation machines. Our laser cutting utilizes a focused laser beam to melt material in a localized area: reducing heat distortion, then high pressure nitrogen is used to blow the molten material away.

Laser cutting also provides a superior edge finish that requires no de-burring or finishing, meaning complex shapes can be cut without the need for expensive tooling. +/- 0.1mm tolerances are achievable in many thicknesses, with faster cuts on material up to 5mm without compromise on cut quality with a very small kerf width.

Most common metals used in the laser cutting process are mild, stainless steel and aluminium. Fibre laser is an advanced alternative to Co2 laser, which also allows for the cutting of reflective materials such as aluminium, copper and brass. Other materials that can be cut using laser cutting process are acrylic, cardboard, textiles, wood and leather.

Laser cutting equipment is an expensive outlay, however if used correctly, can be an extremely effective and profitable process of cutting precision parts.

The plasma process is ionised gases that are electrically charged, the plasma arc is then constricted through the nozzle. Focused plasma melts material with high heat density, kinetic energy then moves the molten material out of the kerf. You can cut all condcive materials, such as carbon and stainless steel and aluminium with thickness up to 50mm and 90mm edge start.

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