The difference between Gantry Type and Table Type CNC Drilling Machines

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Lind SA Automation is an organisation that is at the forefront of providing the highest calibre of drilling and automation techniques and equipment.

Gantry Type Tables are machines that are designed to manufacture finished components with characteristics of precision and speed. The other components include moveable bridges and dual vertical masts on parallel rails which are suspended above the work area or operation table.

Table Type CNC Drilling machines form part of the drilling automation service offering available from Lind SA Automation. The ProArc Drill is an automated drill machine which is an automatic, efficient and high performance CNC drilling machine.

The core components of this machine is the IPC based CNC controller, Servo Z-axis lifter, Servo drill spindle, Auto tool length detector as well as the auto plate thickness measuring device. Additional features include the unique and intuitive GUI with touch panels and are quick and easy to be defined across multiple operations and edge alignment. An additional feature of the Table Type CNC drilling machine is the multi-home position that is defined in different drilling processes and measurement to ensure accuracy across operations.

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