Laser Cutting vs. Plasma Cutting

Cutting Automation

Lind SA Automation is an industry leader in automated cutting equipment and we are specialised in premium automation turnkey solutions.

Laser cutting technology enable operators to cut complex shapes without the need for specialised tooling equipment, which is often expensive and difficult to maintain. The speed and efficiency of our product range incorporates a versatile way of operating in competitive environments.

Plasma cutting is known for eliminating the possibility of contamination in the workplace, which also offers definitive advantages over traditional mechanical techniques. The laser cut width can be extremely small with laser cutting techniques.

Additional techniques associated with plasma cutting is the effective cutting speeds, multi-tasking capabilities, has incredible safety features and is a cost effective application for industrial utilisations. The high temperatures of the cutting equipment and machinery also makes the cutting automation simplifies the marginal training needed from operators.

Laser cutting has characteristics of cutting the width over smaller widths. This is also very beneficial for producing the jagged teeth used in some cutting tools. Plasma cutting machinery and techniques can make precise cuts in a variety of metals and thickness.

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