How to Maintain A Plasma Cutter

How to Maintain A Plasma Cutter

Plasma arc cutting is a precise and controlled process. That old saying “measure twice, cut once” is an adage that assists plasma cutters in saving on costs and materials. Careful preparation of the work space and tools will ensure a safe working environment. Correct setup and maintenance can alleviate many financial problems that plasma cutter operators often face.

The best way to keep your costs low are to replace and maintain the consumable parts on your plasma cutter. You do this this by replacing consumables using only genuine OEM consumables and having your machine serviced at the correct service interval. If you think about your car as an example, by simply replacing the oil regularly you are saving costs because the oil keeps the engine running. If the engine blows then its a lot more expensive to fix.

A deteriorating cut is often the fit sign of worn parts. The consumables keep your torch going and by not replacing them regularly, you risk uncontrolled arcing in the torch lead. Machine operators are trained to do a first line level of maintenance as part of the operator training and as a second tier of specialised maintenance is performed at specified service intervals to keep the machine operating in a tip top condition.

If you live in South Africa and you are looking to buy plasma cutters then a great resource is Lind SA Automation. They offer high quality products fitted with the world’s latest technology that is affordable, reliable, productive, safe to use with a full after sales service.

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