LIND SA Automation is the Southern African industry leader in offering turnkey automated cutting, CNC drilling machine and automated welding manipulation processes. Products we stock are Hypertherm powermax plasma cutter in South Africa and many more Hypertherm products.

Cutting Machine

Master: High Performance Gantry Type Cutting System
Magicut: Satisfied standard requirements
Athlete: High Performance Table Type Cutting System
Duct+: Cutting System for HVAC dusts
Cutting Table: Safety 、Efficiency、Low Cost
Filter System

CNC Drilling Machine

Drilling: Intelligent, versatile & powerful CNC drilling machine

Welding Machine

E.Z.Arc (Bench-top Automation): DIY Bench-top Welding Hard Automation
PT-Series: Welding Positioner
HTS (Headstock and Tailstock): High Quality and Long Service Life
TR/TR-B Series: Turning Rolls (Rotators) TR/TR-B series
LS (Longitudinal Seamer): Longitudinal Seamer
ServoArc System: Create reliability & possibilities!
PT-102/202 Digital
TR-K/TR-KB Series: Turning Rolls(Rotators) TR-K/TR-KB Series
CW-350R / CW-600R: Circumference welding machine

The benefits of Hypertherm’s Integrated Cutting Solutions

Hypertherm Powermax Integrated Cutting solutions brochure
Hypertherm HPR XD Integrated solutions brochure
Hypertherm’s True Hole Technology brochure
Hypertherm’s True Hole Technology brochure – Frequently asked questions
Hypertherm’s Rapid part technology brochure
Hypertherm’s Rapid part technology brochure – Frequently asked questions
Hypertherm Arc Glide torch height control
Hypertherm CAM Nesting software comparison

Hypertherm Powermax

Have you seen what today’s plasma can do?
7 reasons why plasma beats oxyfuel
Hypertherm Powermax mechanised applications with Hypertherm Powermax selection guide

Hypertherm Max Pro 200

Hypertherm Max Pro 200 handheld applications brochure
Hypertherm Max Pro 200 mechanised systems brochure

Hypertherm HPR XD Systems

Hypertherm HPR XD mechanised applications with Hypertherm HPR XD selection guide

Hypertherm Fibre Laser

Hypertherm Hy-Intensity Fiber Laser vs. CO2 laser
Hypertherm Fibre laser selection guide

Hypertherm Consumables

Hypertherm consumables
Centricut(plasma) consumables for other brands eg ESAB,KALIBURN, KJELLBERG,THERMAL DYNAMICS etc.


Contact LIND SA Automation today if you would like to find out more information about our Hypertherm productscutting automationdrilling automation or our welding manipulation machines and services. Call us on 0861 PLASMA or email us on



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