Bevel-X-Cut 20/25/30/35/40/45/50



  • AC Servo drives for high performance.
  • Programmable arc current, voltage and bevel angle.
  • C axis rotation of +/‐360o at a rate of 100RPM to shorten the cutting cycle time.
  • Quick collimate the TCP for easy consumable changeover.
  • Automatic torch height control by analog arc voltage, the accuracy within +/‐0.1mm.
  • Speed from 0~45 degrees in less than 2 seconds.
  • Initial height sensing detection by torch tip contact eliminates offsets and reduces the cycle time.
  • Robustly designed and  manufactured to the highest level of quality and fitted with many safety features
  • Gantry type machine with precision-ground rails available in extendable sections
  • Hypertherm Edge Pro CNC plasma cutter
  • Hypertherm HPR XD power source
  • Compatible with oxy-fuel torches
  • Machine compatible with plasma and oxyfuel torch combinations on same machine
  • Servo amplifiers
  • Compatible with water table or fume extraction

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